Pandora Swap

Bug Bounty

The Pandora Swap bug bounty program is centered around our smart contracts, websites, and apps with primary activity in the prevention of loss of user funds, either through direct draining of locked funds or social engineering attacks by means of redirecting users or forcing them to sign a transaction.
A bug bounty is a program, offered by Pandora Swap, through which users of the platform can obtain compensation and awareness for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to security exploits and vulnerabilities. By implementing this program, Pandora swap allows its users to earn $PANDORA tokens for reporting bugs and preventing incidents of extensive abuse. Your security has constantly been our pinnacle priority. Our team is extremely committed to offering the service of the best possible caliber of quality as well as ensuring the safety of the platform. As part of this program, Pandora swap invites its users to help defend and enhance the platform.


Take accountability and act with severe caution and care. When investigating the matter, solely use methods or techniques that are crucial in order to locate and/or demonstrate the weakness.
  • Secure your personal system as tightly as feasible
  • Do not use vulnerabilities or weaknesses for the reason other than your own investigation
  • Do not alter the system in any way
  • Do not use social engineering to gain access to the system
You can basically report any weaknesses in the code, typos on the website, issues with logging in to the website, inability to withdraw funds to the wallet, inability to add liquidity, make a swap, and so on.
If you spot a weakness or a bug, please, report it via personal dm to admins in chat groups through social media. Describe the found issue as explicit and detailed as possible and provide any evidence you might have (screenshots and/or screen recording).
The core team of Pandora swap security experts will investigate your report and will contact you within three business days to discuss the weakness, how you found it, and follow-up actions.
The compensation you would possibly acquire especially depends on the severity of the weakness you report. You are not entitled to the rewards in case the Pandora swap team had recognized the weakness before you despatched a report.